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About Wavepad

Wavepad gives you access to a set of professional-grade audio editing tools, but it keeps things simple at the same time. Despite the intimidating first impressions, the software is particularly easy to master. It works mainly with WAV and MP3, but it works with many other formats as well. Cutting and trimming audio tracks, normalizing sounds, adding fade effects or removing unwanted noises are just a few things you can do with Wavepad.

Loaded audio files are displayed as waveforms, on which you can make fine selections, either by clicking and dragging or by specifying a segment's start and end positions. A wide range of editing tools can be found on a series of ribbon menus and in a column, on the left side of the interface, which you can use to carry out the aforementioned operations. You can also download additional tools, which give you even more possibilities, like multiple track mixing or audio stream recording.

Certain special effects and adjustments are applied instantly, on the selected audio segment, but there are other cases in which you have to make some additional adjustments.

Wavepad Features

Compatible with all popular formats

Although it is normally intended for WAV and MP3 files, Wavepad works with many other audio formats as well. This includes WMA, OGG, FLAC and many others.

Rich filter selection

The software places numerous tools and effects at your disposal. You can do almost anything with them, from trimming audio tracks to removing unwanted noises.

Text to speech

The software is capable of synthesizing speech from text. You can just paste a text fragment or load an audio file and the program will read it from start to finish.

Batch editing capabilities

Wavepad lets you perform certain operations, like converting between formats, on multiple files, in a single run.

Numerous add-ons

Besides the many tools Wavepad already provides, more can be downloaded, through a series of options, located on its user interface.