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About doPDF

doPDF can turn any printable document into a PDF. The application can be aimed at specific files, through a compact user interface, but it can also be used as a virtual printer. This gives you the possibility of creating a new PDF, while editing the source document, just by hitting the Print option.

The application's name will appear among your printing devices, so the conversion process is similar to printing out a document. Also, instead of making last-minute printing settings, you will be making a few last-minute conversion tweaks.

doPDF works with any application that comes with a printing option. This means that you can even save a web page in PDF format. Furthermore, a special add-on is available, which integrates the application into MS Office.

doPDF Features

Virtual printer behavior

Once installed, doPDF will be added to your list of printers. The system will recognize it as a printer and you can select it when hitting the Print option in any program.

Works with any application with a printing option

PDFs can be created from any application that comes with a printing option. Even if it's a picture or a website, the viewed content can be converted to PDF through the Print option.

Two conversion methods

Besides using the print option in any program, you can also bring up a user-friendly interface and target the source file with a standard browsing option. This way is particularly useful for first-time users.

novaPDF add-on

PDFs can be generated with MS Office as well, thanks to the novaPDF add-on. The extension can be found and installed quickly and easily.

Lightweight installation

The application comes in a small package and it can be installed in no time. Also, its hardware requirements are modest.