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About iFunBox

iFunBox is a comfortable and efficient alternative to iTunes. If you find it difficult to manage your iPhone's contents with iTunes, then you should definitely have a look at this application. It enables you to transfer data between a computer and an iOS device much faster and easier, it makes app management more convenient and it has other useful features to offer.

The software can recognize any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch model the moment you connect it to your computer. Its functions are organized on a series of tabs, which makes them easy to access. The built-in file browser looks and feels like a standard explorer window. You can access your device's music, photos and other contents in separate parents folders, which can be selected in a tree structure, on the left side of the user interface.

One of iFunBox's best features is its app manager. It allows you to download new apps from Apple's App Store and to install them on your device, just like iTunes. Additionally, the app manager can be set to monitor specific apps on the App Store and to download them automatically once they go on sale or if they become free.

iFunBox Features

Streamlined iOS management

The application gives you the possibility of transferring data to and from a connected iOS device much easier. Instead of synchronizing everything, you can simply drag and drop the data you wish to copy.

Advanced app manager

The built-in app manager can be scheduled to download apps automatically. This can be triggered when an app goes on sale or when it becomes free.

Support for almost any iOS device

You may connect mostly any iOS-powered mobile device to your computer and the application will recognize it immediately. This includes all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models.

Control over the native iOS file system

The software gives you full and unrestricted access to a device's file system. Although it is risky and not recommended to access the core file system, this feature can be useful for advanced users

Free and cross-platform

iFunBox is available for all modern Windows and Mac OS X platforms. What's more, the software is offered completely free of charge.